Meet Antenna

What do you care about, and why?

That is the question Antenna was designed to answer. It's the core of our mission.

We wanted to make it simple for you to respond to the content you encounter on the web -- the specific phrases, images, videos, songs, and even products -- that really grab you as a "reader", as a "consumer", as a person.

So, we built a deceptively-simple Javascript widget. It gets added to a site, instantly empowering the whole audience to express themselves with as little as two taps on a phone or a click of a mouse.

Today's feedback tools literally miss the point

In our view, existing feedback tools are either too blunt, or too much work and veer off topic.

A Like acknowledges that you, well, affirm an entire article in some way - be it like, love, agree, or something. It's impossible to really share what exactly moved you, and why it moved you. And you have to Like it so much you're comfortable with your mom or BFF or boss or spouse or children or neighbors on Facebook seeing it. This is good (and it drives traffic), but it's not enough.

Tweets are for people who have the time to build an audience.

Comments are a lot of work to read and write, and even when they're amazing, they often become an off-topic discussion between a tiny minority of readers. And, they're pretty prone to spam, abuse, and other behaviors.

(Don't get me wrong: I love great comments. Great comments meander like any good conversation, so they're just not the best feedback tool, not the best way to understand the broader community view of a publisher's content.)

Easy to speak, easy to listen

That is a critical goal with Antenna.

We want people to be able to leave expressive opinions on the specific thing that grabbed them. I don't Like an article, I love a point the author made, or I'm thankful they wrote the piece, or I thought the video they embedded was funny, or I was offended by a snarky remark.

But simply saying something isn't enough. We all want to be heard. That's why we are so excited by our grid of reactions:
reaction grid 1 reaction grid 2

Those are real reaction grids from partners Perez Hilton and WRAL. In seconds, you can understand the full range of opinions on the content. Majority and minority are heard.

We've got a lot more to say -- our thoughts on community, how we help online publishers, tips on integration, our views on data, forthcoming plans for a business powered by a free engagement widget. Stay tuned!